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cant-get-enough-of-boyce-avenue asked: Hi, I'm making a section in my blog to gather all BA fan pages together, can I add your page in it? :)

That would be awesome, thanks :)

Boyce Avenue’s EP is out on iTunes!

Hey guys, have you all purchased and listened to BA’s latest EP, No Limits?

What do you think of this different sound of theirs? I can hardly recognize them but at the same time, the songs are quite lovable 😊

My favourite at the moment is “I Had to Try.” The drums/rhythm and that key change in the end made this song a stand out to me.

Grab ur copy now on iTunes!


Boyce Avenue - Happy, Pharrell Williams (Despicable Me 2)

New BA sunday video! How can Alejandro have such a perfect voice?? Best singer of this generation ever in my opinion!

A shirt made by TheseQuietSounds is also showing in this video! :D

This makes me really HAPPY :D

and with every breath of me, you’ll be the only light I see [1/?]

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flyinhawaiianblr asked: i go to crossfit with the drummer of boyce avenue Jason Burrows is that cool or

That is pretty cool :)


My Sacrifice by Creed -new cover that they’ve just uploaded!!

I LOVE THIS! Goes to show all u need is a guitar and great vocals, no gimmicks necessary :)

Oh Fab!

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